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School of Language, Literature and Law (SLLL) at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) is a school of liberal arts which integrates the education of graduate and undergraduate students, international students, the teaching of college English in general, and research programs in related fields.

SLLL is entitled to confer bachelor's degrees in Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), Law, and Literature of Theatre & Television, and Master's Degree of Law. In addition, it offers language courses to all students in the university (including graduate/undergraduate students, PhD candidates, and international students), covering English, Japanese, Russian, French, and German.

SLLL comprises the Faculty of Chinese Language and Literature, Faculty of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Law, Faculty of TCFL , Faculty of Literature of Theatre & Television, Faculty of College English No.1, Faculty of College English No.2, Faculty of Graduate Program, Contemporary Literature Research Center, Jia Pingwa Literature Workshop, Architecture & Culture Research Institute, Architectural Law Association of Shaanxi Law Society, the Moot Court, Language Teaching and Practicing Center, and the Reference Room. Also affiliated to SLLL is the Chinese Language Training Center for foreigners, which offers language training programs to international students.

At present, it has a staff of 170 members, among whom are 6 full professors, 44 associate professors, 67 lecturers and 30 plus teaching assistants. Renowned scholars like Wang Meng, Xiong Zhaozheng, Xie Youshun, Li Xing, Liu Kuanren, Hui Minli, and Ding Kemin are invited as adjunct professors. With a yearly enrollment of around 300 students, it currently has over 90 postgraduates, over 1000 undergraduates and 40 plus international students.

The School of Language, Literature, and Law is a merger of the former Foreign Studies Department, and two of the departments in the former School of Humanities, namely the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and that of Law. In the past decade, over 50 externally funded research projects on national, provincial and municipal levels have been undertaken by SLLL. More than 110 academic writings, textbooks, and over 400 treatises have been published in journals at home and abroad, some of which have won awards at the state or provincial level. Areas of the research in SLLL that enjoy prestige both at home and abroad include studies on and translation of the famous modern Chinese writer—Jia Pingwa's works, comparative literature and comparative culture studies, architecture and culture and literature studies, architecture and environment law, and studies on and writing of Shaanxi opera script.

SLLL also sponsors a university-level literary periodical called “ Xinhuo” and an English periodical entitled “ English Learning ”. It also has a web-based English learning system and a foreign language teaching radio station.

The office of SLLL is now located on the fourth floor of the Main Teaching building on the north campus of XAUAT.