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International Conference on Technology of Architecture and Structure was grandly held in Xi’an

The fragrant smell floats in golden September, at the time of anniversary for establishing 115 year and uniting 55 year of Xi′an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT), the 2011 Xi’an international Architecture conference is grandly convened five year after its last. Famous experts and scholars from architecture, technology and engineering domain of all over the world meet again in the ancient city-Xi’an to communication and exchange the latest architectural and, technological developments, and explore the development and trend. Hao Jiping, vice president of our university, presides over the opening ceremony. Academician Zou Deci,vice director of division of civil engineering, water conservancy, and construction of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE); Tan Qinglian, chairman of Civil Engineering Society of China (CESC); academician Xu Delong, president of our university; academician Wang Xiaodong and Hou Li’an, Ph. D. supervisor of our university; Zhou Zhuhong, president of the LanZhou university: Xu Jin, vice inspector second office of CESC; Sun Ke, vice director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology; Zhang Yan, secretary-general of CESC; and Gao Zhanjun, vice director of Technology Cooperation Office of CAE, attend the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, academician Xu Delong expresses the warmest welcome to all distinguished guests on behalf of university. He says XAUAT, capitalizing on civil engineering and architecture, is a well-know university with a long history. By uniting relevant departments and majors of four famous collages in 1956, the university has sediment the essence of earliest civil engineering, architecture, municipal administration disciplines in the history of modern Chinese higher education. The university bore an imprint of success for its elites in civil engineering and architecture domain, and makes an indelible contribution architectural scientific research and engineering practice in China.

President Xu points out that architectural technology closely relates with environment of human habitants, and it is important exploration of nature reforming and is a part of human being civilization. XAUAT has formulated as its educational philosophy the principles of “boosting civilization inheritance, creating a bright future, fostering talents to invigorate China, enriching the people with technology”. The university has paid consistent attention to the development of architectural technology and civil engineering domain, and it focuses on turning the ‘green, safe, sustainable’ research outcomes into practice and providing communication platform to scientists and engineers. He expects by promoting civil engineering scientific and technological innovation and strengthening the confluence of architecture and environment subjects for sustainable development, this conference could create new possibilities for further progress of architecture, technology and engineering discipline at home and abroad.

Sun Ke, vice director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology offers his sincere congratulations to the conference on behalf of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology. He says this conference has attracted widespread attention from scientific and technological field and architectural field in our province. Meantime, he emphasis that the XAUAT sets up a number of platforms for architecture technological innovation like cultivation base of State Key Laboratory (SKL) of architecture in western China. They have obtained significant progress in theoretical research, technology development, application and demonstration of civil engineering under support of national and provincial important research projects. And they have made outstanding contribution to socioeconomic development of Shaanxi province and western China.

Zou Deci,vice director of division of civil engineering, water conservancy, and construction of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), extends his sincere congratulations the conference and the warmest welcome to all distinguished guests. He points out that, facing the global energy crisis and environmental pressure, energy-saving, environment-friendly and recycling architecture is the unavoidable way of sustainable development of architecture. This conference, taking the theme of ‘green, safe, sustainable development’, undertakes academic cooperation and communication concerning the topics like ‘structural system innovation and disaster prevention engineering structure’; ‘architecture innovation’; ‘sustainable development of building energy and environment’; ‘building materials innovation and application’. He says, this conference is good for reinforcing the discipline integration of civil engineering, architecture, materials and environment, which promotes the sustainable development of civil engineering discipline and plays an active role in building harmonious homestead of mankind.

Tan Qinglian, chairman of Civil Engineering Society of China shows his heartfelt congratulations to the conference. He points out; this conference conducts discussions and investigations on key issues in the civil engineering further development process, and has positive significance for boosting the progress of civil engineering domain.

After the opening ceremony, domestic and foreign well-known experts and scholars such as Professor Chen Shaofan, Academician Wang Xiaodong, Academician Hou Li’an, and Professor Akihiko Kono from Kyushu University make their keynote speeches respectively.

Professor Chen Shaofan is making keynote speech.

Academician Wang Xiaodong is making keynote speech.

Academician Hou Li’an is making keynote speech.

Professor Akihiko Kono is making keynote speech.