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Founded in April, 2002, the College of Arts drew its faculty members from several related specialties at Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology (XAUAT): Art Design and Photography in the School of Architecture, Industry Design in the School of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, and Sculpture, to name just a few.

In the past decade, the College of Arts has greatly improved in the faculty's scale, structure of academic degree, structure of professional title and structure of teacher origin. It has a faculty and staff of 131, including 107 teachers, among whom 25 are full or associate professors, and 56 are lecturers. In addition, it has 20 part-time teachers, among whom there are 14 professors and 6 associate professors. 34 teachers are ratified to be supervisors for doctoral and master candidates.

The College of Arts offers master's programs in one first–level discipline (Art), and one second-level discipline (Artistic Design), and three master's programs in such specialties as Landscape Design, Art Design and Industry Design Engineering. The five labs established in the College of Arts are in Graphic Design, Product Formation Demonstration, Art of Film and TV, Sculpture Art, and Digital Art.

The College of Arts started to enroll postgraduate students since 2002, and up until 2010 in the discipline of Artistic Design, the enrollment of academic postgraduates reached 567, 286 of whom have got their Master's degrees, and professional postgraduates, 178, 16 of whom have got their Master's degrees.

The 8 teaching and research sections in the College of Arts offers 5 undergraduate programs to more than 1,000 students in the fields of Art Design, Graphic Design, Industry Design, Photography, Sculpture Design, Fundamental Theory, Music, and Exposition Art and Technology. Among them, Art Design has been designated as the Provincial Brand-name Specialty since 2006, and the National Characteristic Specialty since 2010 by the Ministry of Education. The two courses of Comprehensive Environmental Art Design and Landscape Design have been evaluated as the Provincial Excellent Courses in 2008 and 2009 respectively by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education. Since 2002, in the field of scientific research, the school has undertaken 15 projects in teaching reform at provincial or university levels. About 50 textbooks or monographs have been published from 1999 to 2010, among which, one won the provincial second prize, one was awarded the second prize in the university, and almost ten projects concerning the textbooks were established as university programs.

Aiming at the all-round development of students, and with the Student Party and League School, Student Party and League branch, Social Practice Service Team and different student clubs as its carrier and platform, the College of Arts brings the ideological and political education into full play, and launches many interdisciplinary activities to boost the comprehensive quality of the students.

To foster the students' professional ability, the College of Arts encourages the students to enter for various competitions, and the students have won many prizes in competitions both at home and abroad. The following are some of the awards granted to the students in the College of Arts.

The reference room in the College of Arts, covering an area of 411.14 m 2 , contains over 3,000 books and over 800 CDs and AVs in the open-shelf reading room and the electronic reading room. There is also a room where the student's homework is stored or displayed.

Dean: Yang Haozhong

Sectary: Gao Bizheng

Vice-Sectary and Dean: Lu Yanbo (in charge of administration and student affair)

Vice- Dean: Lin Baogang (in charge of teaching affair)

Vice- Dean: Wang Zhiping (in charge of scientific research)

Office Telephone: (86-29)-82628252 E-mail: JIANDAYS@163.COM