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School of Information and Control Engineering originated from the specialty of radio engineering which was founded in 1960. Due to the adjustment of the national economic structure, the enrollment of students in this major stopped one year later, and teachers were reassigned to the Electro-Mechanics Teaching and Research Section of Mining Department. In 1972, the Department of Electro-Mechanics was established which consisted of electric automation, electro-mechanics mining machinery, and construction machinery. In 1986, the first students majoring in computer science were enrolled, and the Department of Automatic Control was established in the same year. In 1999, the School of Information and Control Engineering was founded on the basis of the Department of Automatic Control. At present, the total number of the staff is 101, among which 90 are teachers and technicians. There are 8 professors, 20 associate professors and senior engineers, 40 engineers and 10 teachers with a Ph.D. degree. There are 3 second-level doctoral programs in the fields of intelligent architectural environment technology, digital architecture, and information management and systems. There are also 2 first-level master's programs in computer science and technology, control science and engineering, one second-level master's program in signal and information processing, and two programs for masters of engineering in computer technology and control engineering.

There are now 300 postgraduates and 1000 or so undergraduates of six different majors: automation, computer science and technology, communication engineering, electronic information engineering, monitoring-control technology and equipment, and electrical and intelligence building. There are two highly sophisticated laboratories, and five institutes, namely the Institute of Computerized Control Engineering, the Institute of Automation, the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, the Institute of Intelligent Building, and the Institute of Communication and Electronic Information Engineering.

The school has established several internship bases with a number of hi-tech enterprises. The School of Information and Control Engineering undertakes the responsibility of cultivating outstanding engineering and technical personnel in automation, computers, communication, electronics and intelligence building. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of the students' overall quality. Class Communication 98, and Class Communication 0402 have won the National "Class of the Year" award. In recent years, a number of scientific researches have earned national, ministerial, and provincial recognition.