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College of Materials and Mineral Resources at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) is based on the specialty of “Concrete and Its Related Building Materials” which was founded in 1956 in the Department of Construction Processing. There is a total of 110 faculty and staff members at the MSE, with one Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 14 full professors or professorate senior engineers, and 34 associate professors or senior engineers among its ranks.

The MSE offers programs in three first-level disciplines, namely Material Science and Engineering, Mineral Engineering, and Safety Science and Engineering. Added to the list in 2010 were two new specialties in strategic industry: Resource Recycling Science and Engineering, and Functional Materials. As the first higher institutions authorized by the State Council to confer the doctorate degree on Material Science and Engineering, and being the home to a post-doctoral research center for Material Science and Engineering (a first class discipline), the MSE now offers doctoral programs in Environmental Material (a second-level discipline) and in Building Materials (a second-level discipline), and Master's degrees in Mineral Engineering, Safety Engineering, Materials Engineering and Material Science. One senior professor was added to the list of “Sanqin Scholar” in Material Science by the Shaanxi provincial government.

Material Science and Engineering was designated as the National Characteristic Specialty, along with being an “Excellent Engineer Training and Education Project” major approved by the Ministry of Education, a Provincial Brand-name Specialty, and a State Key Discipline Breeding Base approved by Shaanxi Province. Meanwhile, the MSE Building Materials Center is the State Key Laboratory of Architectural Science and Technology in West China, and is one of the four Architectural Technology Centers co-founded by the state and the provincial government.

There are six related institutes established in the MSE: Powder Engineering Institute, High Temperature Ceramics Institute, Building Materials Institute, Material Science Institute, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering, all of which are capable of teaching, researching, and providing technological service to society. Ten engineering centers have been set up in the MSE, two of which are the National Popularizing Center of Dry Processing Cement Rotary Kiln with Pre-heating, the Pre-calcining Technology, and the Ecological Cement Center approved by the Ministry of Education.

Throughout the past six decades or so we have witnessed great progress and much achievement in the MSE. The faculty in the MSE School excels in research fields such as the New Dry Processing Cement Theory and Technology, Powder Engineering, the Preparation Technique for Ceramics Matrix Composites and the Development of New Functional Refractories, a new Ultra-fine Powder Milling Technique, the Recycling of Industrial Solid Wastes, and High Strength and High Performance Concrete. The honors granted to the MSE include a second prize for the State Science and Technology Advancement Award, a fourth prize for the State Award for Inventions, one state-level Teaching Achievement Prize, more than 20 provincial awards for the accomplishments in science and technology, and 16 invention patents.

MSE School has attached great importance to undergraduate education throughout the years, and has renewed its efforts to explore constructive ways in undergraduate education, by enhancing its process management in teaching, fostering practice and application, and developing the innovative thinking of the students. As a natural result, the employment rate for its undergraduate students is above 98% for the past 6 successive years, and the MSE has earned a national reputation in the professional world.

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